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From Early Rehabilitation……

..… to Training at Home

YouGrabber offers a broad variety of different training targets. It can be used to make the effects of even the smallest movements easily visible. This immediate positive reinforcement is extremely motivating for patients and can be recalibrated at any time to accommodate continuously the newly acquired abilities of the patient.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation

The YouGrabber system is easy to transport by hand and can be used during early-stage rehabilitation at the bedside. Thanks to the wide variety of training possibilities and the different levels of difficulty, YouGrabber can support the patient from early-phase stationary rehabilitation all the way to ambulant treatment. The YouGrabber system continuously challenges and motivates the patient according to his/her abilities and needs.

Rehabilitation at Home

Rehabilitation from many conditions, particularly neurological diseases, is a long process which continues after the patient has returned home. YouGrabber can be rented or purchased by the patient directly from a certified medical supply house (Germany only). Together with the patient’s physician, the medical supply house will carefully evaluate the patient’s situation and then prescribe YouGrabber. YouRehab and the medical supply house will then support the patient after the medical prescription for obtaining insurance reimbursement approval. The patient can then obtain YouGrabber at the medical supply house and make an appointment with a therapist for initial system training.

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