[ARTICLE] Neuromotor Rehabilitation and Cognitive Outcomes in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury through the Method BAPNE


After the acute phase of hospitalization, patients with severe brain injury, requiring interventions in health and social care in the long term: the work of rehabilitators is to facilitate the recovery of several disorders caused by trauma and involves all possible areas to return the patient to full functionality within the autonomy and satisfaction of basic needs, and psychological support they need.

The recent use of body percussion through BAPNE method in neurorehabilitation offers the possibility of studying the development of motor skills, attention, coordination, memory and social interaction of patients with neurological diseases.

The experimental protocol involves 52 patients with GCA selected on the basis of shared and structured requirements.The trial will provide the coaching protocol BAPNE (in two weekly sessions of 50 minutes to a maximum of 10 weeks in a group of patients), to the traditional rehabilitation activities. The control group will continue to perform exclusively the cognitive and neuromotor rehabilitation according to traditional protocols.

All subjects will be: monitored the levels of cortisol in-time 0 – 75-180 days; recorded beats per minute through a heart rate monitor on your wrist; through the use of Lybra (equilibrium) and Kimeja (virtual reality) will be recorded data regarding the ability to adjust the balance of the patient in standing and sitting using the visual input and data relating to the patient’s ability to coordinate fine motor skills in a virtual environment; through the administration of neuropsychological tests (HADS, NPI) will be detected improvements in mood and behavioral disturbances in the regression if available.

At 6 months after administration of the protocol is expected to re-test to assess if present, the maintenance of the effects of rehabilitation obtained. The research is led by three neurologists from the center of neurorehabilitation Fondazione Roboris ASL RME in Rome.

via Neuromotor Rehabilitation and Cognitive Outcomes in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury through the Method BAPNE.

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