[WEB SITE] Traumatic Brain Injury And Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

What is inpatient rehabilitation?

Inpatient rehabilitation is designed to help you improve function after a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) and is usually provided by a team of people including physicians, nurses and other specialized therapists and medical professionals.

What are the common problems addressed by inpatient rehabilitation?

  • Thinking problems – difficulty with memory, language, concentration, judgment and problem solving.
  • Physical problems – loss of strength, coordination, movement and swallowing.
  • Sensory problems – changes in sense of smell, vision, hearing and tactile touch.
  • Emotional problems – mood changes, impulsiveness and irritability.

Am I eligible to receive inpatient rehabilitation?

You will receive inpatient rehabilitation if:

  • You have a new TBI that prevents you from returning home to family care.
  • Your medical condition is stable enough to allow participation in therapies.For people relying on Medicare for funding, this means being able to participate in at least 3 hours of therapy per day. (Specialized rehabilitation in a nursing facility is an option for those who cannot participate in 3 hours of rehabilitation per day.)
  • You are able to make progress in therapies.
  • You have a social support system that will allow you to return home or to another community care setting after reasonable improvement of function.
  • You have insurance or other ways to cover the cost of treatment.

How does inpatient rehabilitation work?

Your therapies will be designed to address your specific needs. You will receive at least 3 hours of different types of therapy throughout the day with breaks in between, 5-7 days a week.

You will be under the care of a physician who will see you at least 3 times a week.

Most TBI rehabilitation inpatients participate in:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

Each of these therapies may be provided in an individual or group format.

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