[A POEM] You Don’t Know Me     by Janice Tindle


Where were you when I cried out in pain?

Where were you when the heartache began?

When the world moved so fast that the images were just a mass of hues

And the noise made my ears bleed?

Where were you when the light made me scream

And the confusion made me wish I was dead?

Where were you?

Alone in the darkness I prayed for mercy, the sweet release of death,

Or the strength to carry on.

Where were you?

When the strength came and I rebuilt my life,

When I put the pieces together one at a time,

And made a new me?

A me you don’t know.

A me made from carnage and hope.

A me made from lost memories and broken dreams,

From courage and a new found personal power,

From perseverance and the entrance into a new life of the broken,

To find the beauty…

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