[Patent Application] Devices, Systems, and Methods for Administering Therapy – FalconWorks

Devices, systems, and methods for administering therapy to restore limb motion to patients in need are disclosed. The system may include a motion capture device to capture an exercise performed by a therapist. The exercise may be retrieved by the patient and used to generate a visual display used to guide the patient through the exercise in real time.
What is claimed is:

1. A physical therapy administration system for a remote administration of at least one physical therapy session to a patient, the system comprising: a computing device comprising at least one processor; at least one dataset; a CRM configured with a physical therapy administration application comprising a plurality of modules executable by the at least one processor, the plurality of modules comprising: a exercise administration module to record at least one exercise comprising a target limb trajectory using a motion capture device; an exercise module configured to: retrieve an exercise of the at least one exercises; generate a visual display representing the exercise; record a patient response comprising a patient limb trajectory performed to follow the visual display using the motion capture device; calculate a difference between the patient response and the exercise; and signal the patient if the difference exceeds a threshold difference; a performance module to calculate at least one performance score for the patient response according to at least one scoring rule; a monitoring module to review the patient response and the at least one performance score; and the motion capture device.

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