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Finger-Motion-AppFINGER MOTION

Exercises which bring feeling to your finger tips!

The new Finger Motion application was specifically developed for exercises  using individual fingers and the hand on the iPad. A variety of games, which can be played with individual or multiple fingers, are available. Furthermore, in the extended version the user can carry out exercises instructed by a deviation profile to improve motion control. The user also receives individual feedback on accuracy and execution after each exercise. Follow-up evaluations give insight into the number and intensity of games passed.

 Favorit at the Fast Forward Award 2015 for most innovative therapy app!

One App, many Benefits

The Fingermotion App allows clinics to be closer to their patients than ever, even after completion of the patients’ therapy programme. Simply create your own page and connect with your patients. The additional offer makes your clinic unique, attracts new target groups and increases revenue!

  • Free ad for your clinic on the front page – whatever you want, completely individual
  • Additional offers and services for patients
  • Motivating exercises for higher patient satisfaction




Image advertising for practices and clinics with Finger Motion

1. App StoreInvest in the start package and load app. You’ll receive a new iPad, your individual cover page and vouchers.


2. AdvertiseHand out vouchers for cheaper downloads to your patients and advertise your clinic directly on your patients’ iPad!


3. ProfitierenPosition yourself as an innovative clinic and provide your patients with more opportunities and more motivation.



The App – an Overview

Health and Fitness
Version: 2.0
15.5 MB
 German, English
Tyromotion GmbH
Requires iOS 7.0 oder newer.
Test version: € 0,-
Full version: € 2,99











Download test version for free

Source: Finger Motion


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