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Learn something new from our ongoing series of webinars on topics from arm rehabilitation, early mobilization, gait therapy, and many more.


Virtual Rehabilitation – How Feedback and Motivation Influence Therapy Outcome

Coming Early 2017

Guest speaker: John. W. Krakauer

– Registration will open soon –


September 2016

Webinar: Modern Gait Therapy: What a Clinican Needs to Know

September 7, 2016 with Prof. Alberto Esquenazi

Regaining the ability to walk independently is one of the main therapy goals for patients who suffer from neurological diseases. Today, different treatment options are used according to the severity of injury, the capability of the patient or the given resources in the clinic.

Together with our guest speaker, Prof. Alberto Esquenazi, one of the leading experts in gait rehabilitation, we give you insights into state-of-the-art therapy solutions.

This webinar also includes a live session from MossRehab, one of the leading hospitals in the US.

Watch the recorded Webinar


July 2016

Webinar: How can advanced technology enable safe and early mobilization?

July 13, 2016 with Prof. Andreas Bender and Barry Ford

Scientific evidence has proven that early mobilization of patients facing prolonged bedrest can lead to improved functional outcome, shorter length of hospitalization and a better quality of life.
Professionals around the world developed different methods of early mobilization. Find out how our clinical experts Prof. Andreas Bender and Barry Ford integrate advanced technology in their setup for early rehabilitation.

Watch the recorded Webinar


June 2016

Webinar: How advanced technology can help overcome challenges in arm rehabilitation

June 1, 2016 with Nick Ward, MD and Stephanie Salentine, OTR/L, MOL.

Nick Ward and Stephanie Salentine share their knowledge and experience in using new technology in efficient settings and answer questions at the end of the webinar.

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