[VIDEO] Brain Injury Awareness Paint This World Beautiful – YouTube



My name is Melissa Wanna, and I would like to share this video in hope that it will spread awareness for those who suffer due to TBI. The first few years after my fall was the worst years of my life, mainly because no one was aware of what TBI was. I tried to live up to everyone’s expectations of what I should be which in part slowed and even stopped my healing time. Had people been aware of what I was going through, I might have been in a better situation today. Please know that ANYONE suffering from a TBI is going through a lot and needs compassion, understanding and love. This video was made after a poem I wrote called “Paint this world Beautiful” That poem gave many who struggle the ability to explain to friends and family their struggles as it is not always easy to explain things after a brain injury. I found all these amazing pictures on google images and give thanks to all the photographers and artist of these photos. Thanks to A Great Big World for writing this wonderful song Say Something. Thanks for viewing my video and I hope you will share it to make a better tomorrow for those who are suffering from TBI. Help paint this world beautiful.



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