[WEB SITE] What is “contracture”?

Contracture is a loss of motion over time due to abnormal shortening of the soft tissue structures spanning one or more joints. These include skin, ligaments, tendon, muscles and joint capsules. Loss of motion in any of the structures restricts joint mobility leading to pain, stiffness and eventually contracture.

Disuse and Neglect.

Contractures are a common and debilitating problem for individuals who have suffered from neurological or orthopedic injuries. Following a stroke or brain injury, damage to the cerebral cortex and brain stem results in weakness, decreased motor control, sensation, and spasticity.

These clinical findings lead to limited functional movement and learned nonuse. Through disuse, the affected joint becomes less elastic and stiff and eventually contracted….read more…

If you’ve suffered a stroke or other neurological injury, you may be advised by your therapist to consider using a “resting hand splint” to help prevent or slow the onset of contractures in your hand.

“Resting hand splints” come in a wide variety of designs.  For example, our SaeboStretch design is unique because it employs flexible, energy-storing components to promote comfort and help protect your joints.  To see how the SaeboStretch compares to other splints, watch this brief introductory video:

For more information about the SaeboStretch (or one of our other products) just click this button to submit your request:

Source: What is “contracture”?


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