[Abstract] Contracture of Finger and Hand and Disturbance in Speech After Stroke were Improved in a Short Duration by Grasping a High Repulsion Cushion Grip


Stroke is a common disease especially for elders and it is often followed by unpleasant aftereffects: muscle rigidity, contracture, stiff joint and speech disturbance. Extensive neurorehabilitation is useful for these aftereffects but it sometimes doesn’t work enough. Thus there are many persons who are obligated to spend a low quality of life after the attack. Here we made a cushion grip that has a strong repulsion power against the outer pressure. Once the grip was held continuously for 24 h, the aftereffects lasted for years were ameliorated in about one month. However, voluntary movements of digits have not recovered yet. Continuous, normal, pleasant sensorimotor stimuli due to the strong repulsion power would be the base of the amelioration. We believe the grip is a useful item producing a prompt amelioration of aftereffects of stroke. Data suggest that extensive neurorehabilitation in association with sensorimotor stimuli to hand is a key procedure for treatment of aftereffects of stroke.

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Source: Contracture of Finger and Hand and Disturbance in Speech After St…: Ingenta Connect



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