[Abstract] Neurosurgery and Music; The effect of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



The nervous system works like a great orchestra. Specially the music of Mozart with its´ “Mozart´s effect” is appropriate to use in neurosurgery. The paper investigates the relationship between music and neurosurgery, Mozart´s music in neurosurgical practice.

Material and Methods

We used digital catalogues like “pubmed” as well as the libraries of universities. Key words were “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”, “neurosurgery and music”.


At the first half of 20 century, neurosurgical approach of some musicians have resulted with fatal outcome such as Maurice Ravel, Josef Hassid,George Gershwin. The cause of this is probably that neurosurgery has not been developed yet in the first half of the 20th century. In last three decades, the neurosurgical operations of musician show that musicians has rich associations between auditory, somatic, and sensorial systems.


It is clear that we have much to learn from studies about music and brain function that derive from our surgical experiences with patients. The neuronal plasticity of musician‘s brain may be different than non-musicians´. Musicians with enhanced motor skills have greater capacity for plasticity because of enriched interhemispheric connections. Listening music, and of Mozart´s effect in neurosurgical practice, intensive care, or rehabilitation was documented in much studies. As authors, we mean something different: Its effectiveness shouldbe studied. We can concluded that, in current neurosurgical practice that Mozart has an effect. More research and clinical studies are needed.

Source: Neurosurgery and Music; The effect of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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