[REVIEW] Self-Assisted Upper Limb Rehabilitation Devices, A Comprehensive Review – Full Text PDF


For the purpose of Upper Limb rehabilitation, the use of mechanical and robot assisted rehabilitation the rapiesarenota new concept. Such system sallow patients to perform the rapies with minimalorno assistance. The complexity of such systems vary from being as simple as a custom made bars to highly so phisticated roboticexo skeletons. The advancement of robotics and motor control mechanisms has fueled interest in this domain and we see a lot of development in the field of robot assisted rehabilitation with in a comparatively short span of time. This paper presents a review and tabulates the results of a few selected rehabilitation devices. The devices include mechanical as well as intelligent robotics based rehabilitation devices.


Self-assisted rehabilitation devices target those patients who are capable of carrying out upper limb rehabilitation routines themselves by using less impaired limb to control the most impaired one. The main advantage of self-performed rehabilitation exercises is that they allow a patient to vary thetrainingintensityandfrequencyofaparticularroutineasp ertherequirement and capability and hence increasing the effectiveness of that exercise in rehabilitation. The more robust and ergonomic a system is, the more effective will be there habilitation routines which in turn improve the recovery time of the patient. A patient with limited upper arm mobility can easily and efficiently operate a particular rehabilitation system only if it is: …

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