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ISVR Newsletter

Welcome to the newsletter of the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation! The aim of this newsletter is to help fulfill the mission of the Society by providing regular information on activities and topics of interest in Virtual Rehabilitation relevant to current and potential future members.

The newsletter consists of four regular sections: a technological and a clinical profile of experienced virtual rehabilitation researchers, a feature article and the latest news from the society. We welcome your suggestions for future topics. Please let us know your feedback on newsletter@isvr.org, and join our mailing list!

Date Issue
April 2017 ISVR Newsletter Issue 10
December 2016 ISVR Newsletter Issue 9
September 2016 ISVR Newsletter Issue 8
April 2016 ISVR Newsletter Issue 7
November 2015 ISVR Newsletter Issue 6
August 2015 ISVR Newsletter Issue 5
April 2015 ISVR Newsletter Issue 4
December 2014 ISVR Newsletter Issue 3
August 2014 ISVR Newsletter Issue 2
March 2014 ISVR Newsletter Issue 1

Source: ISVR Newsletter | International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation


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