[ARTICLE] The Recovery of Complicated Upper Limbs Movement Functions of Poststroke Patients – Full Text PDF

Abstract: In chronic stage of stroke, it is necessary to pay attention to the complex spatial movements training along with the traditional restoration of balance, strength of particular muscles, and paretic limb joints mobility. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of robotic therapy in the recovery of upper limb function in the chronic stage of stroke. The study involved 52 patients with ischemic stroke in the middle cerebral artery. The patients were divided randomly into 2 groups. All patients (5 days/wk × 3 wk) got gymnastics by the standard technique, massage, laser, and pulsed currents therapy. Main group patients (n = 36) extra received complex spatial movements, speed, fluidity, precision and agility training by the robotic electromechanical device Multi Joint System (MJS) (40 minutes, 5 days/wk × 3 wk). Analysis of the results of the study showed a statistically significant difference in improving ROM of the elbow and shoulder joints, speed and accuracy of movement in the main group compared with the control. Hardware recovery of complex spatial upper limb movements in the chronic stage of stroke increases the functionality and independence of the patient’s domestic skills.

Full Text PDF


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