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Brain Injury News – August 2017

Date Title
08/18/2017 Detection of text-based social cues in adults with traumatic brain injury
08/18/2017 Mild brain injury can cause bead-like swellings in brain cells
08/17/2017 Deep brain stimulation for the early treatment of the minimally conscious state and vegetative state #neuroskills
08/16/2017 Pain with traumatic brain injury and psychological disorders
08/15/2017 More helmets fewer deaths: Motorcycle helmet legislation impacts traumatic brain injury-related mortality in young adults
08/14/2017 Efficacy of methylphenidate for the treatment of mental sequelae after traumatic brain injury
08/11/2017 Age-related outcome of patients after traumatic brain injury
08/10/2017 Early predictors of outcome after mild traumatic brain injury
08/09/2017 Post-traumatic epilepsy associations with mental health outcomes in the first two years after TBI
08/08/2017 Feasibility of an intensive attention training program and its beneficial effect after childhood traumatic brain injury
08/07/2017 A case report of mania and psychosis five months after traumatic brain injury successfully treated using olanzapine
08/07/2017 Eye movements may be key in detecting brain injury, concussion
08/04/2017 Prediction of behavioural and cognitive deficits in patients with traumatic brain injury at an acute rehabilitation setting
08/03/2017 The effects of video game therapy on balance and attention in chronic ambulatory traumatic brain injury
08/01/2017 Negative impact of litigation procedures on patient outcomes four years after severe traumatic brain injury

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