[ARTICLE] Development of the Wrist Rehabilitation Therapy (WRist-T) Device based on Automatic Control for Traumatic Brain Injury Patient – iMEDiTEC 2017 – Full Text

In Malaysia, there are not many physiotherapists (PT) as well as rehabilitation centers. Limb rehabilitation is common in rehabilitation centers which include upper limbs and lower limbs. Generally, for upper limb, wrist, hand and fingers rehabilitation is frequently conducted in the centers by PT. The current scenario in Malaysia for wrist rehabilitation is the PT use conventional method to carry out the rehabilitation
procedures. The problem with this procedures, it is time-consuming as the PT need to attend every patient for about 20-30 minutes. This could also lead to exhaustion both to PT and patients. The session can only be done with the assistance on PT, however, there are many patients could not commit to the therapy session due to logistic and domestic problems. This problem can be greatly solved with rehabilitation robot but the
current product in the market is expensive and not affordable especially for low-income earners family. In this paper, a novel automatic control of wrist rehabilitation therapy; called WRist-T device has been developed. The novelty of the device is three modes of exercises that can be carried out which is the flexion and extension, radial and ulnar deviation and pronation and supination. By using this device, the patient can easily receive physiotherapy session with minor supervision from the physiotherapist at the hospital or rehabilitation center and also can be conducted at patient home.[…]

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