[CORDIS] Repairing the brain.

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European scientists are studying a new generation of neuro-prostheses. The target patients are people with motor disabilities due to brain injuries, such as stroke
Repairing the brain

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Researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa (which has developed the renowned humanoid sense-equipped robot iCub) are studying tools capable of repairing brain areas damaged by a traumatic injury or a stroke. The scientists, working under the European FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) project Brain Bow, are preparing a new generation of neuro-prostheses, which are devices capable of restoring communication in neuronal circuits, replacing the portion of the brain where the damage is located. Currently, all rehabilitation practices and techniques work only on the limbs via the peripheral nervous system.

Watch the video here: http://www.fetfx.eu/story/repairing-the-brain/

By Rebecca Parsons

via European Commission : CORDIS : News and Events : Repairing the brain

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