[WEB SITE] KineQuantum Uses Virtual Reality for Real Physical Rehabilitation


Physical rehabilitation can be tedious and boring, and evaluation of a patient’s progress fraught by poor metrics and subjectivity. At the recent CES 2018 in Las Vegas we discovered a new virtual reality-based evaluation, rehab, and follow-up platform that makes it fun and convenient to assess patients, administer various game-based training regimens, and to assess how those exercise routines are working.

The KineQuantum system, developed by a French firm of the same name, relies on the VIVE virtual reality platform and a couple optional hand-held joysticks. The patient is asked to follow objects on the screen with one’s head, touch them with the hands, or play more exciting games such as swatting flies and shooting cannonballs at pirate ships. The activities are made to be fun and to take the mind away from the fact that it’s a therapy. While the user is playing the games and doing virtual tasks, the system measures different characteristics such as response time, range of motion, and other related parameters.

Check out this video from KineQuantum presenting their virtual reality rehab system:


via KineQuantum Uses Virtual Reality for Real Physical Rehabilitation | Medgadget

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