[VIDEO] Hemianopia – Half blind – YouTube

This is an attempt to show people how I see the world since my brain injury 8 years ago. This is what I see when I’m going shopping… I hate going shopping… I rarely go full shopping….. My left side of vision is missing, it’s not really black, it’s just not there, but I can’t explain it… and what I have left, is what you see here… My camera caught it all perfectly, sun glare as well… So if I don’t recognise you in the street, it’s really because I can’t see your face. If I need to see your face, I look for the right side edge of your face and look above you… that helps me see more of your features. But to be honest, I’ve kind of got used to not seeing people’s faces. I look at the floor a lot so I can see people’s feet, so I can sort of work out where they are if they are too close to me. Gradually, over 8 years I have adapted to doing things, walking, etc on the right. I stop in mid walking sometimes because I saw a person in front of me, then they vanished to my left and I wasn’t sure how close to me they were and I didn’t want to bump into them…. I cope better in wider spaces. Narrow corridors look even more narrow. I discreetly use my hands to touch anything that might be too close, so that I know to move myself away. I still walk into things and get hurt. If I turn my head too quickly, then I go off balance and sometimes fall over. It is very frightening when you can’t see properly, but look normal to everyone else. I’m not too bad if I’m with someone else. I constantly rely on touch… Hence doing Papiér Maché instead of drawing or painting. Also, I still get lost and wonder where I am, even sometimes going past my own house… I haven’t read a book in years, and I used to like reading… I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t see the words properly, and they kept vanishing, and the bits that I could see were double vision – then I had prisms fitted in my glasses lenses, which helped with the double vision, but I still couldn’t work out why I couldn’t see properly. I was officially diagnosed in January 2017. The Neurologist said despite all that, I had made some very good ways of trying to cope… It still is a struggle, but I do my best.

via Hemianopia – Half blind – YouTube

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