Music therapy has its unique clinical application value in improving conscious state, emotional state, language communication ability, motion function, sleep state and the rehabilitation of the brain’s cognitive function of the patients who suffer from cerebral apoplexy and cerebral injury. With the rapid development of music rehabilitation therapy, it has become an important power in modern rehabilitation medicine, which is valued by rehabilitation workers. During rehabilitation training, the therapists, with the help of apparatuses, carry out hand technique and lower limbs training for the patients, or help them train by means of apparatuses. Rehabilitation equipment is a rehabilitation therapy facility widely used in the field of clinical care. At present, the existing rehabilitation equipment is mostly heavy, which makes the rehabilitation training dull and boring, and induces irritation of those receiving rehabilitation therapy through finger training to the disadvantage of the therapy. In the paper, an intelligent music rehabilitation hand is designed to help them for therapy at different stages. Different modes can be selected with voice interactive mode and control device. By using the theory of steering engine driving, the intelligent music rehabilitation hand can drive the steering engine with the rhythm of the music to achieve the aim of rehabilitation through driving the clenching and spreading of the fingers. With such a device, people can carry out their rehabilitation therapy while enjoying the music.