[ARTICLE] The past, present, and future of wearable AT. – Full Text PDF


Document reviews major categories of high-tech wearable assistive technology (AT) available on the market today. Wearables (sometimes referred to as wearable technology or wearable tech) are devices or sensors that can be worn on or embedded in your body to assist you in performing a specific task or function. Examples of wearables include smartwatches, fitness trackers, headgear, smart clothing, and jewelry. Examples are also provided of newer high-tech wearables that are useful for people with hearing, cognitive, and visual disabilities.

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Source: https://search.naric.com/research/rehab/redesign_record.cfm?search=2&type=all&criteria=O22257&phrase=no&rec=151480&article_source=Rehab&international=0&international_language=&international_location=

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