[Abstract] An Analysis of Wrist and Forearm Range of Motion using the Dartfish Motion Analysis System



Wrist range of motion (ROM) is considered the universal measurement of success for both surgical and non-surgical treatments. A goniometer can be challenging for an individual; to use by themselves, whereas the Dartfish app can analyze and provide immediate feedback to monitor and evaluate patients’ kinematic changes during recovery.


of Study: To establish the validity and reliability of the Dartfish app measuring ROM in order for it to be used in clinical applications.


Twelve healthy participants, ages 18 to 25, with no previous history of wrist injuries were recruited for this study. The ROM measurements collected were flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation, and supination/pronation for both goniometer and Dartfish measurements.Goniometer measurements were performed using a plastic universal two-arm goniometer. Dartfish measurements were performed by two observers on an iPad Pro for three trials. Statistical analyses such as t-tests, and the Pearson correlation coefficient, as well as reliability analyses, such as intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), and Bland-Altman plots were performed.


There was no significant difference between the goniometer and Dartfish ROM measurements except for the ulnar deviation measurement. The concurrent validity showed nearly; perfect correlations between examiners using Dartfish with r-values that ranged from 0.904 to 0.997, and between ADK and the goniometer showed medium, large, and very large correlations since the values ranged from 0.418 to 0.829. The ICC for test-retest reliability had excellent agreement which ranged from 0.993 to 0.999 and the ICC values for inter-observer reliability had good and excellent agreement which ranged from 0.893 to 0.997.


Overall, the results demonstrated that the Dartfish app was a reliable and valid method to measure wrist and forearm ROM. A patient would be able to easily record their own ROM measurements videos and track their progress during their recovery without the need to visit their physician.

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0894113020301575?dgcid=rss_sd_all

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