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[WEB SITE] Dutch ‘Walking Bike’ Helps Disabled People Gain Mobility, Sit Tall

Dutch ‘Walking Bike’ Helps Disabled People Gain Mobility, Sit Tall

photo caption: Actress Selma Blair, who has battled multiple sclerosis (MS), poses with an Alinker “walking bike,” a mobility device for people with disabilities, in an unknown location in this undated handout photo. Courtesy of BARBARA ALINK/ALINKER/Handout via REUTERS

WEYMOUTH, Mass. (Reuters) – Lindsey Main from Massachusetts was an active woman who enjoyed yoga, running and walking her dog, until she suffered a stroke in January 2018 and lost mobility.

While starting the long, slow process of exercise and rehabilitation she spotted actress Selma Blair announcing on Instagram she had the nervous system-damaging disease multiple sclerosis.

The 47-year-old star of films including “Cruel Intentions” and “The Sweetest Thing” posted images of herself using an Alinker mobility bike. The two began private messaging and Blair bought Main one of the bikes. Main says it has changed her life.

Now she can walk her dog again, go to the shops and dance on it.

“I think movement actually is the best medicine. It’s like that saying: ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’,” Main said.

The bike was created by Dutch designer and humanitarian Barbara Alink, who made it initially as a mobility device for her ageing mother to use without the stigma attached to mobility walkers and scooters.

A successful crowdfunding campaign in 2014 brought about a launch in the Dutch market and a North America launch followed in 2016. Now the bike, which costs $1,977.00 ships worldwide.

“The Alinker is for everybody who identifies as an active person and happens to have a diagnosis,” said Alink.

“The feedback that I’m getting from people is that their life has changed, they can go out again, they have agency back,” she added.

The Alinker has three wheels and riders support themselves on a saddle and move their legs to push it forward. It has brakes and the high saddle means users can sit almost at standing height and speak to others at their eye level.

It is used by people with Parkinson’s, arthritis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy and peripheral neuropathy along with those recovering from strokes and surgery.

“Isolation is a bigger disease or a bigger burden on people than the actual symptoms of the disease itself,” said Alink.

“So with the Alinker, being engaged in life again because you can go out… your radius expands again,” she added.

Alinker is not classed as a medical device, so many insurance companies do not fund its purchase, leaving people to rely on crowdfunding or using the company’s rent-to-own scheme.

At its factory in Taipei in Taiwan, the company is working on prototypes for smaller Alinkers for children.

[Source: Reuters]


via Dutch ‘Walking Bike’ Helps Disabled People Gain Mobility, Sit Tall – Physical Therapy Products

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[WEB PAGE] Train your brains abilities and health with Brain+ RECOVER

Exercise your concentration, memory, control of thoughts and emotions, problem solving, planning and learn healthy habits for your brain. All you need is a tablet or a smartphone.



Every brain is unique, so Brain+ RECOVER adapts to you!

Brain+ Recover is a flexible evidence–based rehabilitation tool that automatically adapts to fit your needs and the state of your cognitive functions.  Your cognitive capabilities are assessed upon the initial session and, based on that assessment, a tailor-made program is created for you. Furthermore, the app keeps adapting as your needs change, making it a perfect long-term training tool for your brain.

It consists of 2 complementary ingredients:

  1. Brain+ Neurogames – Science-based gamified cognitive exercises that help you improve your memory and focus by stimulating neuroplastic adaptation and reconstruction.
  2.  Brain+ BrainCoach –  A virtual behavioural therapist that helps you learn how to manage stress, implement brain-healthy habits, fight against counterproductive thinking patterns, and make the most of your brain resources.

How does it work




Log in









Brain+ RECOVER users say:

“I had a brain hemorrhage a year ago and this app actually helps better than all other tools.”
“My boss told me: ‘You are back in control. You are back’.”
“When I am with other people, I am not as easily distracted as before.”
“I do not use shopping lists and reminders to the same extent anymore.”
“When driving to my summerhouse I am not half as mentally exhausted as I used to be.”
“I play chess at a relatively high level, and I won in my division. I’ve never done that before.”

Enjoy your recovery and be inspired by it

The Brain+ RECOVER app is a fun, relaxing, and informally-looking rendition of powerful cognitive rehabilitation techniques, with dynamic gameplay and beautiful graphics. Additionally, it also provides you with insight into your state and progress.

“My confidence has grown, and I believe that I can actually get better. I’m thrilled. This is really a victory for me.”

A part of your routine

“The app is fun, adapts to the individual’s ability and can be offered to anyone using a smartphone or tablet. Our patients are very pleased with having this extra opportunity to optimize their cognitive training at home.”

– Signe W. Jeppesen, Physiotherapist and co-responsible for the development and implementation of Welfare & Health technology in Lejre Municipality, Denmark

The training can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and it is simple to handle. Additionally, it includes:

  • Step-by-step guidelines
  • Personalized difficulty, constantly adapting to your needs
  • The science behind each exercise
  • Brain profile with performance and development
  • Access to your account across platforms and devices.

Brain + RECOVER is tested and developed with leading researchers and clinicians

Brain+ has 13 scientific and clinical studies in Europe and the US. 7 of them are randomized, controlled clinical trials

Indications: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, depression, stroke, brain trauma, mild cognitive impairment, chronic pain, cancer.


Real Benefits

Start your path towards a healthier brain today.


Visit Site —-> Train your brains abilities and health with Brain+ RECOVER

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[ARTICLE] Hand Extension Robot Orthosis (HERO) Grip Glove: enabling independence amongst persons with severe hand impairments after stroke – Full Text



The Hand Extension Robot Orthosis (HERO) Grip Glove was iteratively designed to meet requests from therapists and persons after a stroke who have severe hand impairment to create a device that extends all five fingers, enhances grip strength and is portable, lightweight, easy to put on, comfortable and affordable.


Eleven persons who have minimal or no active finger extension (Chedoke McMaster Stage of Hand 1–4) post-stroke were recruited to evaluate how well they could perform activities of daily living and finger function assessments with and without wearing the HERO Grip Glove.


The 11 participants showed statistically significant improvements (p < 0.01), while wearing the HERO Grip Glove, in the water bottle grasp and manipulation task (increase of 2.3 points, SD 1.2, scored using the Chedoke Hand and Arm Inventory scale from 1 to 7) and in index finger extension (increase of 147o, SD 44) and range of motion (increase of 145o, SD 36). The HERO Grip Glove provided 12.7 N (SD 8.9 N) of grip force and 11.0 N (SD 4.8) of pinch force to their affected hands, which enabled those without grip strength to grasp and manipulate blocks, a fork and a water bottle, as well as write with a pen. The participants were ‘more or less satisfied’ with the HERO Grip Glove as an assistive device (average of 3.3 out of 5 on the Quebec User Evaluation of Satisfaction with Assistive Technology 2.0 Scale). The highest satisfaction scores were given for safety and security (4.6) and ease of use (3.8) and the lowest satisfaction scores were given for ease of donning (2.3), which required under 5 min with assistance. The most common requests were for greater grip strength and a smaller glove size for small hands.


The HERO Grip Glove is a safe and effective tool for enabling persons with a stroke that have severe hand impairment to incorporate their affected hand into activities of daily living, which may motivate greater use of the affected upper extremity in daily life to stimulate neuromuscular recovery.


Fifteen million individuals worldwide experience a stroke each year with 50,000 of these cases occurring in Canada [1]. Approximately two-thirds of these individuals will experience neurological deficit [2] and half will never fully recover the hand function required to perform activities of daily living independently [3]. Stroke survivors with severe hand impairment have difficulty producing hand motion and grip force and their increased muscle tone, spasticity and contractures keep their hand clenched in a fist. These stroke survivors have the potential to attain functional improvements years after their stroke by constantly incorporating the affected hand into activities of daily living (ADLs) and additional goal-directed tasks during their therapy exercises and daily routines [4,5,6].

There are many barriers to incorporating the affected hand into exercises and daily routines including time, discomfort, safety risks and mental and physical effort. Personalized, high-intensity, coaching and motion assistance is required to overcome these barriers but is often inaccessible to stroke survivors. The time and resource commitments are too substantial for many clinics to supply at a sufficient intensity and additional rehabilitation technologies and services can be inaccessible due to high cost, location and availability [78]. As a result, stroke survivors often do not regain the hand range of motion (ROM), strength and coordination required to perform ADLs independently. Affordable and accessible rehabilitation technologies and services that enable stroke survivors with severe hand impairment to incorporate their affected hand into ADLs are needed to maximize neuromuscular recovery and daily independence.

Design targets for wearable hand robots

A main goal for wearable hand robots is to provide the hand function assistance and rehabilitation required to enable people after stroke to perform ADLs independently. Able-bodied individuals move their fingers through a ROM of 164o during activities of daily living, as calculated by summing the differences between the extension and flexion joint angles of the distal interphalangeal (DIP), proximal interphalangeal (PIP) and metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints [9]. The thumb moves through a ROM of 40o, as calculated by summing the differences between the extension and flexion joint angles of the thumb’s interphalangeal (IP) and MCP joints [9]. Grip forces averaging 67 N are exerted [10] and a combination of hand postures are used (i.e. a tripod pinch was used during 38% of the activities of daily living evaluated, extended hand (13%), cylindrical grasp (12%), lumbrical grasp (10%), lateral pinch (9%)) [11].

Capabilities of wearable hand robots

Wearable hand robots have manipulated able-bodied participants’ relaxed hands to provide 129o of index finger ROM, 83 N of grip strength as measured using a hand dynamometer, and 7 hand postures in Rose et al. [10]. However, when these robots are evaluated with impaired hands the assistive capabilities have been much lower. For studies by Cappello et al. and Soekadar et al. with six and nine persons with impaired hands following a spinal cord injury, wearable hand robots have increased grip strength to 4 N [12] and ADL performance to 5.5 out of 7 on the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – Hand Function Test by assisting pinch and palmar grasp postures [1213]. For a study by Yurkewich et al. with five persons with severely impaired hands following stroke (no voluntary index finger extension), a previous version of the HERO Grip Glove named the HERO Glove increased ROM to 79o and improved water bottle and block grasping performance [14]. Refer to [14] for a supplementary table detailing recently developed wearable hand robots, their capabilities and their evaluation results. Hand robots need to be improved to generate strong extension and grip forces that overcome muscle tone and securely stabilize various object geometries, such as a water bottle and a fork. These robots should also be easy to put on clenched hands, comfortable during multiple hours of use, lightweight so as not to affect the motion of weak arms and affordable so they are accessible to people with limited income even though these considerations create design tradeoffs that sacrifice assistive capabilities [1415].

A number of sensor types (i.e. button [121416], electromyography [1718], motion [1014], force [19], voice [20], vision [2122] and electroencephalography [13] have been selected to control robot assistance based on varied motivations such as robust operation or motivating neuromuscular activation. However, other than button control, these control strategies are still in an experimental stage that requires experts to manually tune each user’s orthosis [17].

A single study evaluating two stroke survivors’ satisfaction with a wearable hand robot was completed by Yap et al. [16] to understand their needs and preferences in wearable hand robot design. More rigorous studies would further inform designers on how to adapt their wearable hand robots to maximize the intended users’ satisfaction and arm and hand use.

This article presents the portable Hand Extension Robot Orthosis (HERO) Grip Glove, including its novel design features and the evaluation of its assistive capabilities and usability with 11 stroke survivors with severe hand impairments. The HERO Grip Glove, shown in Fig. 1, assists five-finger extension, thumb abduction and tripod pinch grasping using particular cable materials and routing patterns and only two linear actuators. A fold-over wrist brace is used to mount the electronic components, support the wrist, and ease donning. The robot is controlled by hand motion or a button. The robot is open source for broad access, untethered and lightweight for unencumbered use throughout daily routines, and soft to conform to hands and objects of varying geometries. The HERO Grip Glove increases range of motion and ADL performance with large and small objects and increases grip strength for those without grip strength. The participants’ quantitative and qualitative feedback from their user satisfaction questionnaires provides guidance for assistive technology developers and motivation for deploying the HERO Grip Glove to stroke survivors for use throughout their daily routines.



The HERO Grip Glove assists finger and thumb extension and flexion to enable users to grasp large and small objects. The HERO Grip Glove consists of (a) cable tie guides, (b) an open-palm glove, (c) cable tie tendons for extension, (d) a 9 V battery case with the battery inside and the microcontroller with an inertial measurement unit mounted between the case and the glove, (e) buttons to control the manual mode and select between the manual and automatic modes used in [14], (f) a linear actuator, (g) a foldable wrist brace, (h) cable tie pawls for pre-tensioning, (i) fishing wire tendons for flexion, (j) tendon anchor points on the wrist brace and (k) Velcro straps to secure the glove. The glove folds open to ease donning. The dorsal and palmar tendons’ routing paths are highlighted in yellow


Continue —->  Hand Extension Robot Orthosis (HERO) Grip Glove: enabling independence amongst persons with severe hand impairments after stroke | Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation | Full Text

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[WEB PAGE] 8 Disability Living Aids To Help With Everyday Tasks At Home


With the new Disability Horizons Shop having officially launched at the start of 2020, we want to show you the range of innovative, stylish and useful products we have available. This month, we’re focusing on disability living aids that could help you with day-to-day life around the house.

Even better, the majority of these products cost less than £15. All prices include VAT, but some are VAT exempt for applicable conditions – so might be even cheaper.

Nimble finger cutter – £4.95

Nimble one-finger cutter cutting plastic packaging

This nifty little device will help you to cut through almost anything with ease. Designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind, the Nimble cutter fits onto the end of the fingertip, so is ideal for those with dexterity issues.

Even though the blade of the Nimble is sharp enough to slice and score through many materials, including paper, food packaging, polythene and more, its size and soft rubber shell ensure that the user remains safe whilst it is in use.

It’s currently on sale from £7.95, so head to the Disability Horizons Shop to buy the Nimble finger cutter, where you can also see it in action.

Navy sock dressing aid – £10

Navy sock dressing aid being used to put on a white sock by a woman sat on the stairs

This simple and inexpensive sock aid gives assistance when putting on socks or stockings if bending or reaching is difficult.

The lightweight, flexible plastic core is wide enough to accommodate larger feet without stretching hosiery unnecessarily. The long-handled loops can be held in one hand and the plastic surface is non-slip. It’s also eligible for VAT exemption.

Buy the Navy sock dressing aid and find out what other products we sell from the Blue Badge Company.

Peta Easi-Grip gardening trowel – £14.95

Easi-Grip garden trowel

Garden enthusiasts will love this Easi-Grip garden trowel. Designed to make gardening easier and less strenuous, it is ideal if you have painful joints or limited mobility in your hands and wrists.

The ergonomic, extra-wide, non-slip handle makes gripping easy, and it has been specifically angled in a way to provide a more natural position to hold whilst in use.

The Easy-Grip garden trowel can be teamed with the Easi-Grip garden arm cuff (sold separately) to provide extra support whilst gardening.

As well as the Easi-Grip garden trowel you can also buy a garden cultivator to complete the set.

Sticky notes to pace yourself – £3

Stickman Communications notepad

These lighthearted, A7 sticky notes are perfect for organising your to-do list into sections to help you pace your activities.

The three different coloured sections are green for ‘easy stuff’, orange for ‘okay stuff’ and red for ‘challenging stuff’.

Created by Hannah Ensor, who herself struggled to manage her conditions, these sticky notes are ideal for anyone who has issues with fatigue, changing energy levels or chronic illness.

Head to the Disability Horizons Shop to buy the sticky notes and check out all books, pads and stickers from Stickman Communications.

Stylish neckerchief clothing protector – £11.99

Cashmere clothing protector from Care Designs

This stylish, neckerchief clothing protector, which comes in a range of colours, is soft to feel, absorbs liquid instantly and 100% waterproof.

It is quick fastening at the back of the neck and machine washable (40°C) and tumble drier proof. Its long-life and stay-smart material offer excellent long-term value. It’s also VAT exempt, where applicable.

Buy the neckerchief clothing protector and find out what other styles are available from Care Designs on the Disability Horizons Shop.

HandSteady drinks cup – £12.95

Handsteady drinking aid with graphic to show how it stays upright when tilted

The lightweight HandSteady drinking cup features a unique, rotating handle that keeps the cup steady and level at any angle. This removes the need to twist delicate wrist muscles or tilt your head backwards.

In addition, the large, easy-grip handle can be held in the ‘power grip’ using four fingers. It holds 250ml of liquid and is insulated to keep drinks warm/cold as desired.

It’s currently on sale, down from £14.95 and is applicable for VAT exemption.

Take advantage of the sale price on the HandSteady drinks cup on the Disability Horizons Shop.

BraBuddy bra-fastening aid – £34.80

BraBuddy bra fastening aid

The BraBuddy is an innovative dressing aid that allows you to put on and fasten your bra one-handed.

If you have limited mobility or painful joints and struggle to reach or twist without causing strain, this will give you independence.

It also offers a dignified alternative to adaptive bras, meaning you can continue to wear your favourite pieces of lingerie.

Visit the Disability Horizons Shop to see exactly how the BraBuddy bra aid works. VAT exemption is available for qualifying conditions.

ProMove sling – £226.80

ProMove sling for disabled adults 12+ years

The ProMove adult sling for those 12 and over is specifically designed to ensure a safe, comfortable and dignified method of moving or transferring.

It is designed to eliminate pressure points, removing the risk of bruising and ensuring comfort, and the handle system allows groups of two or four people to move the sling with ease and the

It can be used at home or when on holiday or out and about when bought with the ProMove carry bag. There is also a version of the ProMove sling with head support.

Buy the ProMove sling for adults and take a look at the ProMove slings for children.

By Disability Horizons

More on Disability Horizons…


via 8 Disability Living Aids To Help With Everyday Tasks At Home

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[BLOG POST] Mobile Apps – Physiopedia


In the clinic, in education or just for professional development mobile Apps can make a big difference to efficiency and effectiveness in physiotherapy practice. This page is intended to list all the mobile applications that might be of use to physiotherapists and physical therapists. Please feel free to add any mobile applications that you find useful and think others may find useful. Alternatively you can email your ideas to us.


Physiotherapy Specific

Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
Physiopedia Link Link Free
Clinical Prediction Rules: A Physical Therapy Reference Link Link Link US$ 39.99
Physical Therapy Content Master Link Link US$ 29.99
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Link US$ 2.99
Physical Therapy Exam Track Link Free
Physical Therapist Question of the Day Link US$ 9.99
Physical Therapy Spanish Guide by Mavro Link Free
FORCE Connect Link US$ 4.99
FORCE Mobile Link Link Free
FORCE Injury Packs Link Free
VideoXs- Home Exercise Program Link $15.99
PhysioCam Link Link Kr 39.00
Motus Doc Link $19.99
Motus Go Link Free
Mobile Exercise Gallery Link $0.99
My Health Lounge Link Free


Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
CORE – Clinical ORthopedic Exam Link US$ 39.99
Epocrates Link Link Link Free
Quick LabRef Link Free
Goniometer Pro Link Free
Toes2Hip Link $9.99
Functional Vitals Link
ViaTherapy Link Link Free
The Falls Risk Calculator Link Free
Gait Velocity Link Link Free

Outcome Measures/Screening Tools

Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
STarTBack Low Back Pain Screening Questionnaire Link US $2.99
SLP Scoring Plus
EDSS Calculator
DAS28 Calculator
Patient Centered Feedback
VASQ Clinical
Orebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Tool Link
Musculoskeletal Flag Screening Tool Link US $1.99
Frailty Tool Link Link
Berg Balance Scale Link Free
Geriatric Link US $3
SPPB Calculator Link Link Link Free
SPPB Test via GeriStrong Link Link US $1.99
Gait Speed Link Link US $0.86
Rehabilitation Measures Database Link


Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
Mobile OMT Lower Extremity Link US$ 29.99
Mobile OMT Upper Extremity Link US$ 29.99
Mobile OMT Spine Link US$ 29.99
PT Video TV Link US$ 2.99
Recognize Feet Link US$ 8.99


Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
MB Anatomy Link 4.99
Build A Brain Explorer Link 1.99
Anatomy in Motion Link $US 23.99


Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
Pediatric Physical Therapy Journal Link Free
Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy Link Free
Bone & Joint Journals Link Free
Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma Link Free
Acta Orthopaedica Journal Link Free
International Journal of Physiotherapy (IJPHY) Link Link Free


Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
Physiopedia Link Link Free
In Class–organize class notes, share with classmates Link Free
Goodnotes- pdf reader Link Free
Quick Office HD
Powerpoint remote-remote
aVOR Link Free
PhysioU Link Link
NPTE Study Notes by Best PT Podcast Link

Specialty Areas

Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
iGeriatrics Link US $2.99
FORCE Packs Link Free
NICE Guidelines Link Link Free
Manual Handling Link UK £0.69

Clinic Management

Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
clinicjot Link US $28.99


Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
Senior Rehab Project Link Link Link
MDTea Link
PTonICE Link
PT Pintcast Link
The Voice Of The Patient Link
The Physio Matters Podcast Link
The Knowbodies Podcast Link Link Link
RehabCast Link Link
The Pelvic Health Podcast Link
PT TechTalk Link

Client Apps

Apple Android Blackberry Windows Price
MyFitnessPal Link
Clock Yourself Link Link Link $2.99
Squeezy Link Link Link £2.99
Parkinson’s Warrior Link Link Free
Phydeo Link Link Free
Beats Medical Link
The Otago Exercise Program Link Free

NHS Trusted App List

via Mobile Apps – Physiopedia

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[VIDEO] Third Thumb Changes The Prosthetics Game – YouTube

London-based product designer, Dani Clode designed a third thumb to change the way people think about prosthetics. Clode believes that prosthetics extent a wearer’s ability. They shouldn’t be regarded as a replacement to part of the human body. The third thumb is made from a series of interconnected parts: a hand piece, an attachment, cables, motors, and two Bluetooth controllers.

See more from Dani Clode:

via Third Thumb Changes The Prosthetics Game – YouTube

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[WEB SITE] 10 Disability Living Aids To Make Your Life Easier – Mobility Aids


On 1st January 2020, we launched our new online shop, full of stylish and practical products that will give greater accessibility and independence to disabled people’s lives. 

For many of us with physical disabilities, we rely heavily on disability living aids to enable us to walk, transfer, carry out daily task and personal care. Luckily the Disability Horizons Shop has a wide variety of disability aids that benefit every ability and need, making your life easier.

Here we round up 10 disability living aids that you do not want to miss out on…

Stylish folding walking stick and bag – £34 to £40

Stylish folding walking stick and bag folded

Stand out from the crowd with a bright walking stick paired with its own stylish and compact storage bag.

It snaps open and folds neatly for easy storage. It’s small enough to pack into a handbag or large pocket, and is ideal for when you’re dining out or travelling.

The neat little bag features a press-stud fastener to stop the stick from slipping out and a handy D-ring to hang it from a coat hook or easily clip it onto your handbag or wheelchair.

No need to adjust the stick height before folding away, and it’s quick and easy to reassemble.

View all of the colour and pattern options for the Stylish folding walking stick and bag by visiting the Disability Horizons Shop.

Max wheelchair bag and lap tray – £74.95

Max wheelchair bag and lap tray

Max is the largest and most luxurious wheelchair bag and lap tray from Trabsack. It includes all the fantastic features and usability of its sibling lap desk bags, but has been developed with a larger internal capacity. This makes it ideal for travel, business trips and carrying larger equipment, such as 15.6″ laptops.

It’s also perfect for working or eating on your lap wherever you are and is weatherproof and hardwearing. It includes:

  • large document pocket
  • document pocket with zip
  • mesh pocket
  • clear card pocket
  • detachable hinges
  • lockable ring pull zip on the main compartment.

The external pocket has two removable bean bags, which can also be used to protect items in the pocket. Plus, its long strap enables you to use it as a shoulder bag, rucksack or around the waist.

DISCOUNT: As a January treat, you can get £25 off the Max wheelchair bag and lap tray. Offer ends 31st January 2020.

Check out the Max wheelchair bag and lap tray and see the other Trabasack products available.

Peta Easi-Grip knife kitchen aid – £11.95

Easy handle kitchen knife disability aid

The all-purpose Easi-Grip kitchen knife is ergonomically designed with a comfortable hangle and unique 90-degree blade, making slicing and cutting simple and easy for those with weak hands and wrists.

The angle of the blade provides a more natural and comfortable cutting position, ensuring the arm and hand are orientated in an easier, strain-free position and promoting a firmer grip whilst slicing.

You can also use the forked tip to pierce and transport items you have just sliced.

The handle is soft-feel, non-slip and is thick in diameter, meaning that those with limited closing of the hand can grip more easily.

Take a look at all the kitchen aids on the Disability Horizons Shop to help you around the kitchen. 

Hydrant water bottle – £11.95

Hydrant drinking bottle

This Hydrant drinking system allows you to drink hands-free, eliminating the need for assistance and ensuring hydration at all times.

Able to hold 750ml of liquid, its long drinking tube has a bite-valve, allowing you to drink without help. If you’re able to hold it, its ergonomic, contoured bottle and handle make it easy to do so.

A curved clip also allows you to attach it to beds, belts, buggies, wheelchairs and more, so you can drink while out and about or at home seated or lying in bed.

See all of Hydrate For Health’s drinking aids for easy solutions to keeping hydrated independently.

Buckingham Handy Bar car transfer aid – £37.20

This simple, pocket-sized tool is an everyday aid for those who struggle to get in and out of the car. Fitting in the door latch of any vehicle, it provides a supportive grab bar.

The non-slip handle is crafted from durable materials that provide a steady and secure surface, eliminating the risk of falling when transferring from vehicles. It can be easily stored in the glove compartment of your car, or in your bag, so it is always to hand.

It also includes an integrated seat belt cutter and glass breaker in case of emergencies.

Check out our selection of disability aids for cars for disabled drivers or passengers.

EasyTravelseat airplane transfer chair – £299 to £399


Created by disabled entrepreneur, Josh Wintersgill, the EasyTravelseat is an innovative seat and sling in one designed to make airplane transfers quick, easy and dignified.

Made from durable, quality fabrics with a two-year manufacturer warranty, it is a discreet and comfortable way to stay in your seat from home to holiday.

It has a large range of handles for stress-free, dignified lifts and transfers, and is available in four sizes with various heights of foam or gel cushion.

It also has accessory and strap pouches to enable you to keep your valuables and essentials to hand, and straps neat and tidy

DISCOUNT: As a January treat, get 10% off the EasyTravelseat. Offer ends 31st January 2020.

Take a look at the EasyTravelseat for more information on sizes and seating types.

Folding travel grabber stick – £16

Folding grabber stick

This versatile reacher from the Blue Badge Company is the ideal way to grab items on the floor or up high without having to bend or strain. It has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

It can also be attached to a walking aid and folds in half for storage and travel. It has a magnetic tip for picking up small metal objects and an easy action trigger designed to help with dressing.

Take a look at all of the stylish designs from Blue Badge Company available in our shop.

Muggi mug and cup holder – £9.95

Muggi cup and mug holder with four mugs in it

The unique design of this multi-cup holder means that you can carry four drinks at a time one-handed. It is non-slip and features indentations for a finger and thumb, ensuring it can be carried easily and safely. 

Crafted from a unique material that is non-absorbent, it captures any spillages and remains clean and dry. The material is also extremely tough and guaranteed for 88 years by the manufacturer!

It also works brilliantly with a Trabasack wheelchair lap trays tray to carry drinks around the home.

Buckingham crutch storage accessory – £11.82

Crutch storage accessory attached to a crutch pole

This unique crutch storage accessory allows you to carry a number of small items hands-free, giving you extra freedom to move around with your essentials to-hand.

Designed to fit standard elbow crutches, it is quick and easy to fit in a range of positions on the crutch pole.

The storage pod can fit small bottles of water, keys, mobile phones, medication or any other daily items you may need to keep within reach.

Plus, it has been designed so that the weight of items you carry will not adversely affect your balance whilst walking.

See all o the other affordable, inclusive and contemporary aids from Buckingham Healthcare.

Care Designs’ adult large changing mat – £29.99

A person lying flat on their back on the adult changing mat

This changing mat is ideal for older children and adults with disabilities to use at home, work, school or out and about when requiring personal care. Features include:

  • Easy clean and machine washable at 30 degrees C.
  • Folds up with integrated wrap-around elastic strap for easy storage and transport.
  • Thermally insulating – prevents cold coming through from the floor or the ground
  • Thin, absorbent polyester top layer prevents run-off of liquids.
  • Waterproof to stop any little accidents from spilling onto the floor and also any dampness from a floor coming through.
  • Made from thick, padded neoprene (wetsuit material) to cushion the individual whilst lying on a changing table or the floor.

Take a look at the Care Designs’ adult large changing mat to view the dimensions and choice of colours.

Disability Horizons Shop

All of the products on the list can be bought using credit or debit cards, or through PayPal. Many are also eligible for VAT exemption for those with qualifying conditions.

If you would like to purchase any of these disability living aids, or would simply like to browse the rest of our product selection, visit the Disability Horizons Shop.

By Disability Horizons

More on Disability Horizons…


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[NEWS] Sunrise Medical Launches the QUICKIE Q700-UP M Standing Wheelchair – Rehab Managment

Sunrise Medical Launches the QUICKIE Q700-UP M Standing Wheelchair

Sunrise Medical announces the launch of the QUICKIE Q700-UP M standing wheelchair, featuring not only the Q700 M mid-wheel drive base and the SEDEO ERGO seating system but also the ability to change positions from sitting to standing.

The QUICKIE Q700-UP M power wheelchair is designed with SpiderTrac 2.0 Suspension, Biometric Repositioning, and 4-pole QUICKIE motors to provide high performance and intelligent seating technology. Its Q700 M base, combined with the company’s new biomechanical standing seating system, enables the client to stand at up to 77°, providing many health and lifestyle benefits in addition to greater independence, according to the Fresno, Calif-based company in a news release.

With up to six programmable memory positions, the client has access to commonly used positions and can transition between them with the touch of a button.

“The facts are out there: Standing can improve circulation, reduce the occurrence of pressure injuries, and many day-to-day tasks that someone in a wheelchair might not otherwise be able to do. Thus, we found it imperative that standing technology be readily available in a mid-wheel drive group 3 power wheelchair,” says Jeff Rogers, Director of Power Product Management, in the release.

For more information, visit Sunrise Medical.

[Source: Sunrise Medical]


via Sunrise Medical Launches the QUICKIE Q700-UP M Standing Wheelchair – Rehab Managment

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[WEB SITE] Keep an Eye on Your Loved Ones at Home with ROSIE

By  | Jan 15, 2020

Keep an Eye on Your Loved Ones at Home with ROSIE


Forma SafeHome LLC announces the launch of its senior home monitoring service that aims to facilitate more prolonged in-home independence for aging-in-place seniors or the disabled.

The fall detection and health monitoring customization bundle features advanced technologies integrated into ROSIE SafeHome, an all-in-one, patent-pending app designed to provide alerts, notifications, and messages that show the user if there is any unusual activity.

The app, available for download on iTunes and Google Play, is accessible on smartphones and tablets to allow family members 24/7 access into the safety of their loved ones through the coordination of these technologies, according to the Sunrise, Fla-based company:

  • Non-intrusive fall and motion detectors
  • Kitchen and stove monitoring
  • Outdoor doorbell camera systems
  • Coming soon: medication protocol monitors and more smart home technology

“Our Rosie Home Fall detector, Rosie Home Stove/Oven monitor, and Rosie Home Doorbell Cam will give peace of mind knowing your independent family members are in a safe environment,” says Scott Daub, President, Forma SafeHome LLC, in a media release.

Rich Cohen, Forma SafeHome Advisory Board Member adds, “Through the blend of innovative and non-intrusive technology, the patent-pending app gives you real-time information about falls, safety, and life patterns via your iPhone or Android device. It is affordable and gives you peace of mind about your independent-living family members in ways never previously available.”

[Source(s): Forma SafeHome, PRWeb]


via Keep an Eye on Your Loved Ones at Home with ROSIE – Rehab Managment

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[VIDEO] Addison: the Virtual Caregiver on Vimeo

The Virtual Caregiver is a next generation Virtual Assistant, bringing chronic care, rehabilitation, mental health support, caregiver support, and support for daily living unlike anything you’ve ever seen. She’s Connected Health, Digital Health, IoT, AI, AR, Natural Language, and amazing UX and UI interfaces in a breakthrough user configuration. EMR integrated, health peripherals, in-home automated exams, gait and balance, fall risk assessment, and more. Addison Care is the future, today.

via Addison: the Virtual Caregiver on Vimeo

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