FAQs – Fact Sheets

Alcohol Use After Traumatic Brain Injury

FACT SHEETS – Virginia Commonwealth University

Fatigue after stroke

Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Epilepsy

What is ABI

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Fact Sheet

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai – Frequently Asked Questions

Resources & Education for Stroke Caregivers’ Understanding & Empowerment (RESCUE). The following is a list of all of the resources from the RESCUE  fact sheets. Resources are arranged by category. If preferred, view these resources listed in alphabetical order.

Assistive Devices & Technology

Legal Help

Benefits & Insurance

Long-Distance Caregiving

Bladder & Bowel Problems

Long-Term Care



Community Resources




Driving & Transportation

Respite Care

Emotional & Behavioral Changes

Sex & Intimacy

End of Life Care

Spasticity & Movement



Fatigue or Feeling Tired

Social Support

Financial Help

Speech & Communication

Finding Good Health Information


Healthcare Supplies


Healthy Living

Swallowing Problems

Home Modification

Thinking & Memory Problems

Visual problems after stroke

Following a stroke, you might experience problems with your vision, but you are not alone. Up to two thirds of people experience some  changes to their vision after stroke.This factsheet explains the  different types of problems you might experience and how they  can be treated. At the end of this factsheet you will also find a list of  organisations that offer support and further advice, and a glossary.


Facts About Depression 



  1. #1 by vwaddy968 on October 14, 2015 - 05:17

    Hi! This site has been incredibly helpful, thank you for collating all of this important information. I am curious if you have come across the use of sensory rooms with people that have experienced a TBI. I am currently working in a Rehabilitation service for people with ABI’s and have seen the benefits of using a sensory room with children and can see that there would be benefits to using it with adults also. Currently the struggle for me is finding evidence of people using one successfully or not successfully! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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