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[Abstract] Effect of Close Kinematic Chain Exercises on Upper Limb Spasticity in Hemiparetic Adult


Background: As upper limb spasticity is the major hindrance in quality of life in hemiparesis, this project emphasizes on the effect of close kinematic chain exercises on upper limb spasticity. So, the present study was conducted to find out the effect combined effect of conventional exercises with close kinematic chain exercises on spasticity.

Method: Comparative study was conducted at Krishna College of Physiotherapy, Karad.20 subjects with age group between 40–60 years were taken. Participants of Group A (10) were treated with close kinematic chain exercises along with conventional treatment & GroupB(10)only with conventional treatment. Exclusion criteria of the study was: 1. Associated psychological disorder. 2. Perceptual disorders. 3. Any visual & auditory impairment. 4. Any orthopaedic disorder.

Results: Statistical analysis was done using paired, unpaired ”t’’test, Mann Whitney test and Friedman statistics. The results showed statistically significant reduction in spasticity in group A as compared to group B (p<0.001).

Conclusion: The study shows that close kinematic chain exercises helps in normalizing tone, reducing spasticity in upper extremity hemiparesis.

Source: Indian Journals

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