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[Mini Review] No distance between disabled people and rehabilitation engineer in high-tech era – Full Text PDF

Traditional face to face diagnosis and treatment model has existed for thousands of years between doctors and patients. But now high technologies have brought people great convenience in many fields. When the disabled people concerned, many technologies such as internet, remote sensing, signal processing, Virtual Reality and so on, are already playing an important role in rehabilitation engineering. This paper introduces these emergency new technologies associated with the disabled people and engineers in recent years, which can eliminate the psychological and space distance between disabled people and rehabilitation engineer in high-tech era.

The rehabilitation strategies are needed to optimize function and
reduce disability of disabled people. Many public plans are developed
in some countries [1]. And now lots of specialized institutions for the
rehabilitation of disabled people have been established [2]. The disabled
people is widely distributed [3], so many scholars are committed to
provide a rehabilitation approach to them [4]. Remote rehabilitation
is a combination of rehabilitation medicine, computer technology,
internet technology, sensor technology, information processing
technology, etc., it is a new rehabilitation resources with a new concept
of rehabilitation, which can provide space for the further development
of rehabilitation engineering technology [5]. Based on the realization
of cross-regional rehabilitation services, remote rehabilitation is
the integrated use of communication technology, remote sensing
technology, remote control technology. Remote rehabilitation allows
people to achieve rehabilitation cross the geographical area via the
information exchange. The value of remote rehabilitation is also
reflected in the fact that it can optimize the configuration of manpower
and materials. In fact, for individuals with disabilities, rehabilitation
affected by many factors such as their family, their mood, social
environment [6], especially today’s high technologies.
Rehabilitation engineers can hear the voice of distant people through
the microphone and touch the distant people via embedded artificial
sensors into skin to get the signal such as the surface temperature,
moisture distribution of disabled people [7]. Rehabilitation engineers
can also operate medical and rehabilitation equipment by the remote
control system [8]. With the aid of a remote rehabilitation system,
information interaction between rehabilitation engineers and disabled
people can be more flexible, efficient and convenient [9]. In addition,
other technologies, such as wearable technology [10], gait analysis
technology [11], synchronous audio-visual technology [12] and so
on have been already implicated in the field of remote rehabilitation
engineering. In the following paper, several important high technologies
for remote rehabilitation will be systematically analyzed via contacting
the traditional rehabilitation engineering. […]

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