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[BOOK] Learning Radiology: Recognizing the Basics – William Herring – Google Books

Front Cover

Elsevier Health SciencesApr 14, 2011 – Medical – 318 pages

Learning Radiology: Recognizing the Basics, 2nd Edition, is an image-filled, practical, and clinical introduction to this integral part of the diagnostic process. William Herring, MD, a skilled radiology teacher, masterfully covers everything you need to know to effectively interpret medical images. Learn the latest on ultrasound, MRI, CT, and more, in a time-friendly format with brief, bulleted text and abundant high-quality images. Then ensure your mastery of the material with additional online content, bonus images, and self-assessment exercises at

Identify a wide range of common and uncommon conditions based upon their imaging findings.Quickly grasp the fundamentals you need to know through easy-access bulleted text and more than 700 images.

Arrive at diagnoses by following a pattern recognition approach, and logically overcome difficult diagnostic challenges with the aid of decision trees.

Learn from the best, as Dr. Herring is both a skilled radiology teacher and the host of his own specialty website,

Easily master the fundamental principles of MRI, ultrasound, and CT with new chapters that cover principles of each modality and the recognition of normal and abnormal findings.

Know the basics and be more confident when interpreting diagnostic imaging studies

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[BOOK] Person Centered Approach to Recovery in Medicine – Luigi Grassi – Google Books

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[BOOK] Handbook of Biomechatronics – Chapter 9: Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Robots: A Survey – Google Books

Handbook of Biomechatronics

Jacob Segil
Academic Press29 Νοε 2018 – 619 σελίδες

Handbook of Biomechatronics provides an introduction to biomechatronic design and an in-depth explanation of some of the most exciting and groundbreaking biomechatronic devices in the world. Edited by Dr. Jacob Segil and written by a strong team of biomechatronics experts, the book covers biomechatronic design, components, and specific biomechatronic devices that span many disciplines. Sections cover sensors, actuators, processing and control systems, and signal processing. In addition, a chapter on biomechatronic devices contains distinct examples, spanning hearing aids to brain-machine interfaces. Each chapter presents the development phase of a biomechatronic device that is followed by an in-depth discussion of the current state-of-the-art.

  • Covers biomechatronic design, components and devices in one comprehensive source
  • Accessible for readers in multiple areas of study, such as bioengineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering
  • Includes the most recent and groundbreaking advances in the biomechatronics field

Chapter 9: Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Robots: A Survey

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[BOOK] Advances in Robot Kinematics 2018 – Google Books

Front Cover
Jadran LenarcicVincenzo Parenti-Castelli
SpringerJul 15, 2018 – Technology & Engineering – 477 pages
This is the proceedings of ARK 2018, the 16th International Symposium on Advances in Robot Kinematics, that was organized by the Group of Robotics, Automation and Biomechanics (GRAB) from the University of Bologna, Italy.
ARK are international symposia of the highest level organized every two years since 1988. ARK provides a forum for researchers working in robot kinematics and stimulates new directions of research by forging links between robot kinematics and other areas.The main topics of the symposium of 2018 were: kinematic analysis of robots, robot modeling and simulation, kinematic design of robots, kinematics in robot control, theories and methods in kinematics, singularity analysis, kinematic problems in parallel robots, redundant robots, cable robots, over-constrained linkages, kinematics in biological systems, humanoid robots and humanoid subsystems.


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[BOOK] Common Epilepsy Pitfalls: Case-Based Learning – Chapter 3, Radiographic Errors in Epilepsy – Google Books

Cambridge University Press7 Ιουν 2018 – 224 σελίδες
Epilepsy is amongst the most frequently encountered of neurological disorders, yet its diagnosis and management is fraught with pitfalls. Issues surrounding differential diagnosis, seizure type, underlying causes, EEG interpretations, treatment options and prognoses can often trip-up clinicians. Common Epilepsy Pitfalls: Case-Based Learning, is a comprehensive guide to anticipating and managing the pitfalls in the diagnosis and management of epilepsy. Real-life cases are presented along with pragmatic recommendations for courses of action that guide the reader through accurate and effective epilepsy diagnosis and treatment. Cases have been chosen to answer key questions such as: the first seizure – is it epilepsy? Which drug? When should stopping treatment be considered? What to do in an epileptic emergency? Containing detailed coverage of psychiatric, social and family issues – and authored by world experts in epilepsy management – this text is invaluable for neurologists, internists, family practitioners and advanced medical students.

via Common Epilepsy Pitfalls: Case-Based Learning – Dieter Schmidt, Steven Schachter – Google Books

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[BOOK] Integrative Psychiatry and Brain Health – Google Books

Front Cover

Daniel A. MontiAndrew B. NewbergAndrew Weil
Oxford University Press, 2018 – Medical – 616 pages
Integrative Medicine is an emerging discipline that not only bridges the existing disciplines of psychiatry psychology, but provides a scientifically-based framework that synthesizes the rest of physiology, biochemistry and other health dimensions such as social support and spirituality, which collectively contribute to brain and body health and overall well-being. Patients who have not tolerated or not responded optimally to traditional treatments are also good candidates for integrative approaches. This new edition of Integrative Psychiatry and Brain Health reflects the tremendous advances in science that allude to mechanisms of action that weave together seemingly unrelated disciplines for the promotion of health and wellness.Part of the Weil Integrative Medicine Library, this volume provides a rational and evidence-based approach to the integrative therapy of mental disorders, integrating the principles of alternative and complementary therapies into the principles and practice of conventional psychiatry and psychology. Integrative Psychiatry and Brain Health examines what works and what doesn’t, and offers practical guidelines for physicians to incorporate integrative medicine into their practice and to advise patients on reasonable and effective therapies. The text discusses areas of controversy and identifies areas of uncertainty where future research is needed. Chapters also cite the best available evidence for both the safety and the efficacy of all therapies discussed. The information is presented in accessible and easy-to-read formats, including clinical pearls and key points.

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[BOOK] Spasticity: Diagnosis and Management – Google Books

Front Cover
Allison Brashear, MD
Demos Medical PublishingAug 31, 2010 – Medical – 448 pages

A Doody’s Core Title 2012

Spasticity: Diagnosis and Management is the first book solely dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of spasticity. This pioneering work defines spasticity in the broad context of Upper Motor Neuron Syndrome and focuses not on a single component, but on the entire constellation of conditions that make up the UMNS and often lead to disability.

Spasticity: Diagnosis and Management clearly defines the process for the diagnosis of spasticity, the basic science behind its pathophysiology, the measurement tools used for evaluation, and reviews the available treatment options. Divided into five sections, this comprehensive clinical resource provides a roadmap for assessing the complicated picture of spasticity and choosing the appropriate interventions. Therapies including oral medications, intrathecal baclofen, botulinum toxin and phenol, and surgical options are thoroughly discussed, as are non-medical therapies and the role of the emerging technologies. The full spectrum of diseases involving spasticity in adults and children and the unique diagnostic and management challenges they present is addressed by experienced clinicians. This text is a one-stop source for physicians, therapists and other members of the spasticity management team tasked with the goal of improving patient care and outcomes.

Special Features of Spasticity: Diagnosis and Management include

  • In-depth coverage of diagnoses, interventions, and outcomes across multiple pathologies
  • Tools and clinical measurements for patient assessment
  • Treatment-focused chapters outlining current medical and other therapeutic options
  • Illustrated review of limb anatomy
  • Hands-on guidance to chemodenervation techniques with botulinum toxin and phenol, and ITB management
  • Disease-based chapters devoted to the full range of clinical conditions involving spasticity in adults.and children
  • Multidisciplinary perspective supporting a team approach to care

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[BOOK Chapter] Biomechanics of the Upper Limb – Google Books

The BOOK —> Atlas of Orthoses and Assistive Devices E-Book – Joseph Webster, Douglas Murphy – Google Books

 Go to Chapter 11: Biomechanics of the Upper Limb


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[BOOK] Seidel’s Physical Examination Handbook – E-Book: An Interprofessional Approach – Google Books

Front CoverSeidel’s Physical Examination Handbook – E-BookAn Interprofessional Approach

Elsevier Health SciencesNov 30, 2017 – Medical – 336 pages



via Seidel’s Physical Examination Handbook – E-Book: An Interprofessional Approach – Jane W. Ball, Joyce E. Dains, John A. Flynn, Barry S. Solomon, Rosalyn W. Stewart – Google Books

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[BOOK] Atlas of Orthoses and Assistive Devices E-Book – Google Books


Front Cover
Elsevier Health SciencesNov 24, 2017 – Medical – 672 pages

Advances in the material sciences, 3D printing technology, functional electrical stimulation, smart devices and apps, FES technology, sensors and microprocessor technologies, and more have lately transformed the field of orthotics, making the prescription of these devices more complex than ever beforeAtlas of Orthoses and Assistive Devices, 5th Edition, brings you completely up to date with these changes, helping physiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons, prosthetists, orthotists, and other rehabilitative specialists work together to select the appropriate orthotic device for optimal results in every patient.



via Atlas of Orthoses and Assistive Devices E-Book – Joseph Webster, Douglas Murphy – Google Books

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