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[WEB SITE] Depression & The Internet: Welcome To Your Temporary Support Group

Mental health is a sometimes a taboo topic among most people in the “outside” world. Thankfully, we have the Internet to discuss how we are feeling. If you’re like me, sometimes it’s easier to stay in bed, unshaven, unshowered, barely-dressed, and it’s very difficult to find someone to talk to while in that state. A simple post on an online community may garner a response that motivates you just enough to get up and get out.

It’s okay if you’re hurting, but you don’t have to keep it to yourself. It is important to talk about it. It’s more important to talk with someone face-to-face, but if you need the Internet to get you talking, then you go, Glen Coco.

more –> Depression & The Internet: Welcome To Your Temporary Support Group.

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