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[WEB SITE] Mental Fatigue – University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Mental fatigue or brain fatigue

Mental fatigue can be a disabling consequence of traumatic brain injury, stroke, infection or inflammation in the Central Nervous System (CNS). The condition is characterized by pronounced mental fatigue after moderate mental activity. Pronounced fatigue can appear very rapidly and, when it does, it is not possible for the affected person to continue the activity. Typical for this kind of fatigue is a profound, long recovery time to get one’s mental energy back. Attention cannot be maintained for more than short periods. Other common associated symptoms are: irritability, tearfulness, sound and light sensitivity as well as headaches.

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Measure mental fatigue with an app.  Androids and Windows. Coming soon for iPhone.


Windows 10

Contact information

Lars Rönnbäck, professor and senior physician in neurology

Birgitta Johansson, Ph.D., specialist in neuropsychology

Institute of neuroscience and physiology
Department of clinical neuroscience and rehabilitation
Sahlgrenska Academy
University of Gothenburg Sweden

Source: Mental Fatigue – Mental Fatigue, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


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[ARTICLE] Use the app-Measure mental fatigue -Take control


OBJECTIVES: Fatigue after an acquired brain injury is common, and is characterized by limited energy reserves to accomplish ordinary daily activities. A typical characteristic of mental fatigue is that the mental exhaustion becomes pronounced during sensory stimulation or when cognitive tasks are performed for extended periods without breaks. There is a drain of mental energy upon mental activity in situations in which there is an invasion of the senses with an overload of impressions, and in noisy and hectic environments. Another typical feature is a disproportionally long recovery time needed to restore the mental energy levels after being mentally exhausted. The mental fatigue is also dependent on the total activity level as well as the nature of the demands of daily activities. For many people, there is an increased risk of doing too much and becoming even more fatigued.

METHODS: We have developed an application for Windows Phone for assessment of mental fatigue. The Mental Fatigue Scale is used. The MFS is a multidimensional questionnaire containing 15 questions. The questions included in the MFS are based on symptoms described following longitudinal studies of patients with TBI, brain tumours, infections or inflammations in the nervous system, vascular brain diseases, and other brain disorders. The app also includes information about mental fatigue.

RESULTS: This application can help people determine the level of mental fatigue and it can also serve to provide an overall picture of the severity of the condition, and detect changes in mental fatigue over time. The scores will be added up and the results will be presented in the form of a rating scale and a diagram. People can then see their results for one week ago, one month ago or a whole year ago. Today, the most important recommendations are to adapt to the energy available by doing one thing at a time, resting regularly and not overdoing things. However, this is challenging for most people and it may take a long time, even years, to adapt to a sustainable level. It may also be difficult for the person to learn by himself/herself and it can take several years of considerable struggle, frustration, despair and depression, to find the right balance between rest and activity. This app can help people to be aware of mental fatigue. If they connect the results to daily activities, the app may also help them to be more aware about what may alleviate and what may make mental fatigue worse.

CONCLUSIONS: With regular assessment of mental fatigue, this app may give feedback and support in order to achieve an enduring balance between activities and rest.

The application can be downloaded without cost:

via urn:nbn:se:hv:diva-6304 : Use the app-Measure mental fatigue-Take control.

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