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[WEB SITE] How It Works – Motion Guidance

The Motion Guidance Concept is simple: maximize patient experience by adding real-time feedback with visual external cues to enhance virtually any aspect of rehabilitation. Whether you want to encourage a Gain in Range of Motion, Specific Control of Motion, or Isolate Motion,  the Motion Guidance “Clinician Kit” Offers Enhanced Solutions!

take a look at how our kit works!

Need more applications?

Below are some more video examples of Motion Guidance products in action.







The Clinician kit comes with a parallel and perpendicular mounting plate, so you can have a laser pointer visual cue projecting at any angle. You can simply strap the device on any body part, and adjust the aim where you like. This device is a game-changer for patient engagement, movement assessment and training. Further, it enhances learning by emphasizing external cues and instant recognition of body positional awareness. The laser’s remote switch allows you to remove or add in visual cues during traning, for advanced learning and increased engagement!

Benefits of Using Visual Feedback in Clinic:

  • Give clients the benefit of seeing how they move, and instantly recognizing where their body is in space.
  • Add a visual component to simple range of motion exercise, and allow clients to see progress.
  • Turn simple exercises such as cervical range of motion, hip hinges or squats into a visually motivating exercise.
  • Add proprioceptive awareness drills to any body part, and let your client visualize their motor control ability.
  • The application and benefit of Motion Guidance is only limited by your creativity!

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