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[BOOK] Medical books online: Physiotherapy book online

Medical books online is a website for doctors,nurses,medical students to give review about medical book its contains, about its author and its usefulness. Physiotherapy book online Practical guide to hemiplegia treatment book review Hemiplegia, a lot of unremarkably referred to as a stroke, isn’t simply a medical specialty or a contractor condition, however one with a psychosocial impact on the patient’s life. A sensible Guide to paralysis Treatment addresses the therapy management of paralysis specializing in the broader wants of the patient. This book is split into varied topics starting from basic anatomy and physiology of the human brain and development of the systema nervosum, to clinical diagnosing, symptomology, and therefore the management of paralysis complications. The necessities of rehabilitation medication and approach to treatment area unit lined intimately. For fast reference, varied exercises and treatment techniques area unit divided into lying, sitting and standing positions. Chapters on orofacial rehabilitation, perception, orthotics and management of complications offer a home care programme for paralysis patients. fifty five pictures and illustrations enhance the data provided during this comprehensive guide to paralysis treatment. Key Points

  • Clear format for fast reference and sensible use
  • Chapters embody basic anatomy of human brain and systema nervosum through to symptoms and rehabilitation
  • 55 pictures, illustrations and tables.

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