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[WEB SITE] Rehab Managements’ APTA NEXT Conference and Exposition Pre-Show

More than 2,000 physical therapists from across the nation will soon gather for the APTA NEXT Conference and Exposition June 27-30 in Orlando, Fla. To help plan your conference itinerary, Rehab Management, the magazine devoted to comprehensive coverage about technologies and services for the physical therapy market, offers this exclusive preview of products you’ll want to take a closer look at. Don’t miss this opportunity to speak with manufacturer’s representatives on the exhibit hall floor and learn how these select offerings can benefit your practice; including gait and balance equipment, practice management software, and coordination training products and beyond.


Biodex Medical Systems, Inc

The Biodex Balance System ™ SD can expand your programs to the community. Widely used for Fall Risk programs serving older adults as well as athletes with concussion management, the system establishes baseline, determines risk. Select tests and training modes improve balance and agility, such as limits of stability, and percentage of weight shift.

Incorporate sensory feedback using the VibroTactile™ System to help detect changes in postural sway, especially suited for vestibular disorders.

Visit us at the APTA NEXT Booth #803



CrawlAhead™ by mobility research

Lightweight, portable crawler helps develop gross motor skills and left-right brain coordination. CrawlAhead properly positions infants during normal development of crawling and assists delayed infants to work on quadruped tasks. Therapeutic for clinic use – assistive for home use – cost-effective for both. Easy to don harness, rolls effortlessly, for children up to 35 lbs. or 35 inches. Turn little function to big advantage! Rentals available.

Visit us at the APTA NEXT Booth #606



GaitKeeper™ by mobility research

Designed with both therapists and patients in mind. They perform with great consistency & power at very low speeds of ambulation for patients of all functional levels. Our models feature high torque, accurate speed, adjustable inclines, MoveAble control panels or remote, a true zero Start and new AdjustaBars™ for ease of use. GaitKeeper treadmills are designed for rehabilitation and can be used effectively with or without LiteGait®.

Visit us at the APTA NEXT Booth #606


LiteGait® by mobility research

A gait training device that simultaneously controls weight bearing, posture, and balance over treadmill or ground, creating an ideal treatment environment for patients with a wide range of impairments and functional levels. Its unique harness permits unilateral and bilateral support allowing progression of weight bearing from non to full, while allowing access to lower extremities and pelvis to facilitate proper gait patterns. A safe, fall-free environment for patients and hands-free for the therapists.

Visit us at the APTA NEXT Booth #606


Q-pads™ by mobility research

An interactive balance and coordination training system which provides visual feedback via pressure sensitive surfaces and colorful lights. Multi-functional rehabilitation system that enables therapists to design training activities for all functional levels and training needs. Use on the floor for weight shifting, balance or stepping tasks or mounted on wall for upper extremity work. Both fun and challenging. Each pad measures between 10 and 330 pounds of force, is magnetic, has auto-turn-off and cleans easily.

Visit us at the APTA NEXT Booth #606


Raintree Systems

Raintree Systems develops Value Based Solutions for the Health Care Industry. Our products are built with the specific purpose of providing real value to the provider, practice and patient. Fully Integrated, custom configurable certified EHR designed for Adult and Pediatric rehab (PT, OT, SP) are designed to be powerful, intuitive and easy to use so that the individuals that use our products can be more effective and efficient at their jobs. Let us show you the Raintree Difference.

Visit us at the APTA NEXT Booth #902



TheraOffice is the only EMR and practice management software designed by physical therapists to be the most adaptable to your unique business. Our fully-integrated solution including scheduling, documentation, accounting, and reporting enables improvement in clinical workflow processes and overall business performance with a focus on striving to achieve compliance that exceeds today’s evolving billing requirements. Come visit us at booth #1006 to view a live demo of our brand-new, all-in-one application!

Visit us at the APTA NEXT Booth #1006


Therapy Mouse™ by mobility research

A wearable sensor that allows control of computer pointer using movement of any body segment. Snap the sensor in its bracket affixed to desired body segment, plug the receiver into any PC, Mac or Android computer, and Therapy Mouse will translate user movements to precise control of the mouse pointer. No setup. No cameras. No driver to install. Therapy Mouse can be used for Computer Access, Neuro-Gaming, and Dual Tasking Therapy in the clinic or home.

Visit us at the APTA NEXT Booth #606


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