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[Abstract] Design and testing of a soft rehabilitation glove integrating finger and wrist function


This work presents a lightweight soft rehabilitation glove that integrates finger and wrist function by developing and applying the Double-DOF soft Pneumatic Bending Actuators (DPBAs). The proposed soft glove can achieve separate as well as coordinated motion exercises of fingers and the wrist, which benefits stroke patients that have complicated hand impairment. It consists of a commercial glove extended by a customized wrist bracer, on which are installed three dorsal DPBAs through fingers (index/middle/ring) and the wrist, two dorsal SPBAs (Single-DOF Pneumatic Bending Actuators) through thumb/pinky, and three palmar SPBAs through wrist. The proposed DPBA has two independent bendable segments to actuate flexion of finger and wrist respectively, whose multi-gait bending conforms with multi-pattern flexion of the biological hand. The SPBAs are used for actuating wrist extension or finger flexion. The proposed wrist bracer is designed as an extension of the glove to install the soft actuators and transfer their motion and force to the wearer’s wrist efficiently as well as minimize unactuated restriction on the hand. To verify its feasibility, we evaluate the range of motion, strength and speed of five subjects’ hands assisted by the glove in six different passive motions. Results show that the proposed glove can provide sufficient assistance for stroke patients in hand rehabilitation exercise. Furthermore, the soft glove has potential in extending the hand functional training from simple exercises such as closing/opening and gripping to complex ones such as weightlifting, writing and screwing/unscrewing.


via Article | Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics | ASME DC

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[VIDEO] gloreha Sinfonia RU – YouTube

Published on Aug 3, 2017

Gloreha Sinfonia is the most advanced version of Gloreha upper limb rehabilitation device. It is ideal for all the neuromotor recovery phases.

The key centre of Gloreha Sinfonia is a rehabilitation glove which supports fingers joints motion, while detecting voluntary active motion. Each motor exercise is enriched by a multisensory stimulation and a simultaneous 3D animation on the screen to amplifiy the cortical stimulation.

Gloreha robotic glove detects fingers movements and, according to residual motor skills, partially/totally supports patient.

A patient can use his/her healthy hand to reply similar movements on the affected hand through Gloreha robotic glove.

Gloreha Sinfonia is a fantastic means to start functional recovery, because patient’s arm has no hindrance and can be moved freely; monolateral and bilateral task-oriented exercises are available; real objects can be used during therapy. Within Gloreha software, several settings are available. For instance: video previews, customizable vocal instructions, monitoring performance improvements, interactive games.


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[ARTICLE] A Novel Study on Natural Robotic Rehabilitation Exergames using the unaffected Arm of Stroke Patients – Full Text PDF


It is well known that home exercise is as good as rehab center. However, people with severe stroke typically lack the ability to move their affected arm, and hence they need a very special rehabilitation program that usually available in hospitals or professional centers. Therapists train the affected hand of those patients by using robotic-assisted therapy devices, or sometimes by holding the affected arms of the patients and stretching it for them.

However, such robotic devices and professional therapists are not available at home. In this study, we design and implement a low-cost rehabilitation glove to meet the needs of those patients who have paralysis in their affect hand. The novelty of this glove is that it is to be worn on the unaffected hand which acts as a natural robotic arm during the rehabilitation session. The glove is equipped with FSR sensors that measure the forces exerted by the affected hand on the unaffected hand.

A virtual reality rehabilitation game is developed using Microsoft Kinect to facilitate the exercises and motivate the patients. The system is tested on three patients for six weeks. Objective measurements showed that patients have significantly improved over the study period. Moreover, the patients themselves gave a positive feedback about the whole system; wearing the glove on the unaffected hand made their life easier and let them enjoyed the rehabilitation sessions.

Full Text PDF

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[WEB SITE] Researchers develop low-cost stroke rehabilitation glove

When the use of a hand is lost due to a stroke, it’s important to get that paralyzed hand moving again – this allows the brain and the body to “relearn” how to use it. A new approach to this problem has emerged in recent years with the development of powered devices like the Amadeo or the Rehabilitation Glove that enable patients to exercise passively until they recover sufficiently to start moving on their own…

via Researchers develop low-cost stroke rehabilitation glove.

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