Xcite FES enhances the impact of the traditional therapeutic activities that support neuromuscular re-education

“Restorative Therapies is pleased to be exhibiting at the 2018 APTA-CSM which is an annual event where clinicians have the opportunity to see and experience the latest therapies designed to enhance their ability to progress patients,” said Jim Janicki, CEO of Restorative Therapies. “In 2018, we’re especially excited to demonstrate our new Xcite FES system which brings multi-channel FES for functional activities; our updated RT600 FES stepping system and RT300, the leading FES cycling system. These FES systems demonstrate Restorative Therapies’ ongoing commitment to product innovation and better patient outcomes.”

Restorative Therapies will feature these leading edge FES systems at the 2018 APTA-CSM:

Xcite FES Clinical Station
Repetitive practice of task-specific, strengthening, and gross motor activities has long been a cornerstone of physical and occupational therapy rehabilitation programs for patients with neurological impairments or muscle weakness.

The recently FDA cleared Xcite FES Clinical Station is designed to be easily integrated into these traditional programs. Xcite FES enhances the impact of the traditional therapeutic activities that support neuromuscular re-education by:

  • Enhancing active muscle contractions
  • Promoting the completion of fluid, natural movements
  • Providing feedback to you and your patient

Easy to use pre-programmed activities deliver sequenced stimulation in four libraries:

  • Upper extremity
  • Lower extremity
  • General activities
  • Hand activities

RT600 FES stepping therapy
Improving walking ability is a high priority for patients with neurological impairment. RT600 is the only fully integrated upright FES stepping therapy simultaneously achieving muscle activation and weight bearing.

RT600 stimulates the muscles involved in each phase of the gait cycle at the appropriate time during stepping. With RT600, your patient receives massed practice with FES evoked contractions providing motor and sensory inputs for coordination, cueing and strength building along with visual feedback from our new Video Monitoring System. Footplates provide an adjustable range of motion and firmness to augment plantar and dorsiflexion firmness while accommodating tone and spasticity.

RT300 FES cycle
RT300 sets the standard in FES cycling systems. It is the only FES cycle with stimulation for arms, legs and trunk muscles that also corrects subluxation and stabilizes the shoulder before rotation.

RT300 allows your patients to benefit from massed practice and high intensity training by providing progressive resistance exercise, with individuals using any available volition combined with FES to optimize muscle conditioning.
Benefits of RT300 FES ergometry include muscle hypertrophy, muscle re-education, improved circulation, decreased spasticity, maintenance of range of motion and improved range of motion.

To learn more visit us at booth 618.

About Restorative Therapies, Inc.
Restorative Therapies mission is to help people with a neurological impairment or in critical care achieve their full recovery potential. Restorative Therapies is one of the first companies to target activity-based physical therapy and Functional Electrical Stimulation as a rehabilitation therapy for immobility associated with paralysis such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury or for patients in critical care.

Restorative Therapies is a privately held company headquartered in Baltimore.
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