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[Survey] A Survey on Assistive Technology using Natural User Interface(NUI) computing to support and augment therapeutic rehabilitation – Full Text PDF


Therapeutic rehabilitation is a specialty in medical field that deals with diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and management of people with all ages with physical or psychosomatic disabilities due to congenital disorder, accidents or aging problem. It deals with deduction and reduction in disabilities by providing improvement and restoration of movement and functional ability through regular and repetitive physical therapy exercises continued after discharge from the hospital.

However, the efficient treatment sessions are not guaranteed due to lack of therapists and facilities, patients were alone for over 60% of the day, patients engaged in ‘activity’ for only 13% of the day, undergoing some traditional therapies make patients to lose their interest and motivating patients to continue the exercises is lagging, which in turn makes longer time for recovery.

Thus, there is a need to find ways of cost effective, engaging and motivated training to support and improve recovery and rehabilitation. The focus is to use technology as a solution involving various computing techniques as a supplementary treatment to traditional rehabilitation and continued assessment of disabled patients.

Natural User Interface (NUI) is the emerging technique with the ability to interact with computers or smart devices using the human body. NUI computing is powered by human touch, gesture, voice, thoughts and senses.

This paper is a survey on assistive technology using emerging NUI computing techniques like touch computing, gesture computing, surface computing, brain computing and applications of virtual reality and augmented reality to support and augment therapeutic rehabilitation.

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