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[BLOG POST] 12 Epilepsy Travel Tips

Epilepsy Talk

Traveling has never been easy, and people with epilepsy have always had to think twice about safety and managing medications while traveling. Since September 11, 2001, taking a trip has become even more difficult for people with epilepsy and their family members.

There are several reasons for this. Increased security is producing closer scrutiny of medications carried on flights, more questions regarding implanted Vagus Nerve Stimulators and increased concerns about the possibility of having a seizure during a flight.

And not everyone knows what a seizure is or what to do. They may not recognize certain behaviors as being caused by a seizure. They may just think that a person who is confused during a seizure will become agitated or attack someone. Or in a mistaken attempt to help or detain, they may try to restrain that person.

So it’s mandatory to have written information from your GP or neurologist…

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